Help boost your metabolism

Turns out there are two things you can do to improve your metabolic rate and increase your fat burning ability. One is easy; the other may take some planning.  Drinking coffee or moving to a colder climate. 
Caffeine is a stimulant, so it raises your metabolic rate. This is why it is often an ingredient in weight-loss diet supplements. Studies have shown that one cup of American coffee can increase metabolism by about 3% to 4% for a short time.  Avoid adding sugar or artificial sweeteners as that could defeat the purpose.
If you've been thinking about moving consider the climate you as a way to increase your health and fat burning ability.  Turns out temperature does effect your metabolism.   Your body has to work hard to maintain its optimal natural temperature. In cold weather, your metabolism must speed up to keep your body warm. And in hot weather, your metabolism has to speed up to keep you cool. People living in tropical climates have a resting metabolic rate that’s 5% to 20% higher than people living in more temperate regions, estimates show.

Seems like out of the two best options drinking coffee is the easiest.  


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